India’s daily Covid-19 caseload drops; EU, US see record rise – science

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As the United States and the European Union continue to register a record number of daily cases of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), India has seen a fall in those numbers this week. Data from worldometer shows that the US has reported a higher number of daily Covid-19 cases compared to India and Russia over the last two days.

In terms of deaths related to the coronavirus disease, the US recorded more fatalities than India followed by Brazil and Mexico in the last two days. While the death toll in the US has reached 223,644, India has recorded 114,031 deaths so far followed by Russia where there have been 153,229 fatalities and Mexico, which has recorded 85,285 deaths.

In India, active cases have remained below 800,000 throughout last week. India’s health ministry has attributed the fall in Covid-19 cases to the increased testing across the nation. It said in a tweet, “India has exponentially scaled up its TESTING capacity from one in January to more than 9.32 cr at present. The very high testing has resulted in the continuous falling POSITIVITY RATE. It has now fallen below 8%.”

According to the health ministry’s website, 970,173 people have been tested in the last 24 hours. “Very comprehensive testing has thus worked as a highly effective tool to curb the spread of #COVID19 infection. It also leads to early identification, prompt isolation & effective treatment of #COVID19 cases, and eventual low Fatality Rate,” the ministry said.

Across the US, several states have recorded the highest daily spike in Covid-19 cases in the last two months. Rural counties in Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana saw huge spikes over the last two weeks according to data from the Johns Hopkins University accessed by Associated Press.

Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany and Russia have also registered the highest number of Covid-19 cases since the outbreak of the pandemic. While Madrid remained under partial lockdown as cases rose for the last two weeks, France imposed a night curfew from Saturday onwards.

Experts believe the US and nations of the European Union could be facing a second wave of coronavirus disease cases.

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