Director Yeon Sung-ho talks about getting his lead pair on board

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MUMBAI: After the super successful zombie thriller- Train To Busan, director Yeon Sung-ho is back with a sequel, Peninsula. Set four years after the zombie outbreak in Busan, Peninsula explores South Korea post the outbreak. Fans will get to see new faces in the sequel. It follows an ex-soldier who is sent along with his team to retrieve a truck full of money from the wastelands of the Korean peninsula now inhabited by zombies & rogue militia.


Seen in the lead role as the ex- soldier will be Korean sensation actor GANG Dong-won. GANG Dong-won is an actor who has melted into his characters over the years. He has transformed into Jung-seok in PENINSULA, a survivor of the outbreak who must return to Korea.



Talking about getting actor Gang Dong-won on board and his character, director Yeon Sung-ho says, “We created a character only GANG Dong-won can pull off by asserting plenty of emotions even in action scenes. Emotions conveyed with his eyes are so full that you can’t help but get sucked in”. Interestingly, GANG practiced with zombie actors to work around their disjointed movement for action sequences. 


Giving a tough fight to the zombies alongside GANG Dong-won is the lead actress Lee Jung-hyun. LEE Jung-hyun is tackling her first action blockbuster of her career as a fierce warrior in PENINSULA. “For the role of Min-jung, LEE Jung-hyun was the first actress I thought of,” said Director YEON. From her strong will to survive and maternal love she shows to her children, it was important to create a fully 3-dimensional and believable character.



Talking about her character Lee says, “I was so incredibly happy that the character I envisioned, from concept to styling, matched to the tee with what Director YEON was thinking of” .


For the role, she paid special attention to her every movement, including the way she held guns and posture, and managed to create a strong female character who gets involved in car chases and firefights.


Set to release on November 27 in India by Zee Studios and Kross Pictures.m, Peninsula is one of the first international films to release in India post lockdown.

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