Punjab looks to vaccinate 30,000 health workers in a day | Chandigarh News

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Chandigarh: If all goes as per the plan, the Punjab government aims to administer the first shot of Covid-19 vaccine to health workers within 10 days from start of the much-awaited immunisation drive.
Each beneficiary will be administered two doses each 28 days apart. According to health experts, the vaccine starts providing protection 14 days after the second dose is given.
The government eyes to immunise about 100 health workers in a day at 306 vaccination sites across the state, thus 30,000 medical professionals will be vaccinated in a day. The vaccination drive will kick start from January 16, and if things go on smoothly, all the health workers will get both the doses by end of next month.
The Punjab government will administer the coronavirus vaccine to about 70 lakh people in different phases, of which 1.58 health workers will be given the shot followed by about three lakh frontline workers, people either above 50 years of age and below 50 years but with comorbidities. For the first phase, the state will require 3.16 lakh doses, of which it received 2,04,500 in the first consignment.
Punjab health services director Dr G B Singh said the government would like to complete the process as soon as possible. “All the health workers are expected to get the first shot within 10 days from start of the drive,” he added.
The state health department started the delivery of vaccine doses to districts from Wednesday. Special training has been imparted to the manpower to be pressed for the administration of the vaccine. Each team will have five people.
Special emphasis is being given on safe waste disposal of syringe. The central government has already provided nine lakh syringes for the vaccination drive.
Punjab Covid nodal officer Dr Rajesh Bhaskar said instructions had been passed to all the members of vaccinating teams to cut the syringe immediately after injecting the beneficiary and out in the red bag. The used syringes will be transported to the cold chain points from where these syringes will be collected by a biowaste management company for scientific disposal.
The government has authorised five common biomedical waste treatment facilities — one each in Mohali, Ludhiana, Muktsar, Pathankot and Amritsar.
Frontline health workers | ANM, MPW, ASHA, ASHA
Nurses | Staff nurse, PHN, LHV, CHO, health supervisors
Medical officers | Allopathic doctors, AYUSH doctors and dentists
Paramedical staff | All technicians, pharmacists and other paramedical staff
Scientist and research staff
Students | medical, dentist, AYUSH, nursing and paramedical students working in the facility

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